Shanti (weasleyfan) wrote in hp_beta,

Potentially long-term Beta Reader Wanted

I am looking for a mature adult beta-reader for a novella/novel length Snape/Hermione fanfiction. It is very much adult-only content and the initial portion is coerced consent and graphically written, so trigger warnings galore. Happy ending eventually, but much angst as well.

I play fast and loose with Canon from the time of the trio's capture in the Malfoy Manor in DH, but do follow most of canon except for the epilogue.

Beta must be proficient in HP BOOK canon, please! The films are simply not sufficient. I prefer someone who is proficient in British spelling, customs and idioms. I need help pointing out any glaring plot-holes, editing for clarity when I ramble on tangents, and basic grammar, typos, etc.

I work full time with another job on the side and have kids at home, so I am very busy and would not be spamming you constantly, and would not be able to get back to you immediately after you send me suggestions/corrections. The story is nearly finished, but is currently over 150 MS Word pages in size 12 Arial font. It is rough-drafted to the end, so you need not worry that this will be an abandoned work.

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