rosevalleynb (rosevalleynb) wrote in hp_beta,


Name: rosevalleynb
Rating of fic: Somewhere between PG-13 and R? (1 f-bomb, slang used for sex)
Pairings in fic: Katie Bell/Marcus Flint
Any warnings about fic content: none
Where to contact you: reply here, or send me a pm, or email me at
Any other important info the beta should know:
Written for the hphet. My due date/ posting date for this fic June 10. Word count is 1490. I work in Word and prefer to communicate over email.
Since I'm not a native speaker and Grammarly does not pick up all the errors, I need someone to nitpick over SPaG and maybe some Brit-picking if you're able (not a must).

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