Kat (ustorycollector) wrote in hp_beta,

Beta Needed Please for Drarry fic!

Name: ustorycollector
Rating: NC-17 (Don't worry, I am well over 18)
Pairings in fic: Harry/Draco
Warnings: smut, fluff, top!Draco, bottom!Harry
Where to contact: leave a reply to this message
Other information: Hiya! I'm writing a fic for Dracotops_harry, and I really need a beta to check spelling and grammar and to tell me if there's anything glaringly wrong with the story. The deadline for the fest is the 19th of March, and I'd love to have it done before then, but I am very bad at deadlines. I haven't finished the fic yet, but it'll probably be ~40k. I have written the first chapter (of 4) so I can send that as soon as I have a beta! If you are available/willing I will be eternally grateful!

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