kb_weasley (kb_weasley) wrote in hp_beta,

Name: KB-Weasley
Rating of fic: PG
Pairings in fic: mainly Ron/Hermione, though Ron/OC and Hermione/OC as well
Any warnings about fic content: hurt, angst, language
Where to contact you: Comment on entry will work just fine
Any other important info the beta should know: A post-war Ron/Hermione fic that will span over a couple of years. Not strictly Ron/Hermione, as previously mentioned. More a fic of them "finding themselves" apart and then together. Very hurt/comfort/angst/ish. Other characters will appear (Harry, Ginny, George, etc.) Need help mainly with constructing fluid and clear storyline that makes sense to readers. I tend to get jumbled in thought processes and writing and it makes sense to me, but not to everyone else. I have most of the story mapped out and planned and outlined, just need help getting down so that it's coherent and comprehensible.

p.s. I'm a slower worker with a busy schedule. I'd get the story and the progress I've made to you in pieces and probably not as frequent as either of us would hope. But it will get done, one way or another.


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