nykizta (nykizta) wrote in hp_beta,

Seeking Beta for Developing Fic

Hi! So, I'm currently in the process of writing a new fic. I'll post the general idea below, but I'm still kicking around a lot of ideas. I need someone I can throw snippets or chapters at who can then give me feedback. I'm mostly looking for someone to help me with the flow of the story, continuity, staying true to the universe, and keep me from over-complicating things. I can grammar and spell check myself, for the most part. (I AM leaving open the possibility of explicit smut scenes in this story, I really don't know. I can, however, get a secondary beta for those parts if you need. I can summarize any plot or story-centric happenings within the scene. But I like what effects intimacy can have on both stories and character development.)

I'm hoping for this to be a LONG story. Minimum 40k words. The concept I'm building this on isn't a simple solve-and-done type deal.

OH! Last question! Are you from the UK? One of the things I'm hoping to do is NOT over-Americanize the story. I don't feel the need to drench it in British lingo, but I don't want my character saying things they would never say because of the culture differences.

Characters: Hermione Granger (I'm planning on it likely being George or Charlie, though nothing is totally set here.)
Time frame: 5 years post-war
Goal: Overhaul of the Hogwarts Houses
How: (I'll save this for further conversation if you're interested)
Why: After continuing her SPEW project to the point of getting several pieces of legislation through the Ministry, Hermione has decided to pursue the course most of her friends had been expecting for years. However, on her way to an interview in Hogwarts, Hermione stumbles upon a frighteningly familiar display in the halls of her alma mater. Following the interview, which is all but formality, Hermione finds herself contemplating what will soon become her new pet project. Overhauling the houses of Hogwarts that had shaped her and her friends' childhoods.

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