Anonymuncule. (twistedm) wrote in hp_beta,

Seeking a beta for a light H/D fic

Beta found, thank you!
Name: TwistedM
Age: well over 21
Rating of fic: NC-17
Pairings in fic: Harry/Draco
Any warnings about fic content: Note the "NC-17" but otherwise, no warnings. It is light and cute.
Where to contact: Please comment on this entry, or send an email to <1twistedmiracle @ gmail . com>

Any other important info the beta should know:
I have written a fic for an H/D fest and would like help from an experienced beta. A person who was able to Britpick at the same time would be a real find, but that would be a bonus, not a necessity.

The fic itself is pretty dang dirty, but also lighthearted and cute. It's right around 11,000 words and due October 1.

If we've never "met" I might ask you to point me toward something you've written or beta'd before. :)
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