bonsaibetz (bonsaibetz) wrote in hp_beta,

I have various SS/HG 100-500 word drabbles that need beta work

<p>I have various drabbles I have posted to GrangerSnape100 that I need a beta to pick through, to clean up enough so that it's up to Petulant Poetess' standards, especially where my comma usage is concerned, for long term archinve purposes.

You don't have to take them on all at once, but take them in small managable chunks of a few drabbles at a time.

Longest drabble I have is 500 words (5 x 100), shortest is 100.  In total, 15 drabble sets.

None of them have had any beta work done to them.

Rating varies from G to NC-17.</p>
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