saibaslap (saibaslap) wrote in hp_beta,

HP Dark!Harry (30K+) beta request

Name: George
My age: 22

Rating of fic: NC-17 to be safe. It's probably more like PG-13 with some rough edges.
Pairings in fic: I don't have any pairings, mainly because Harry Potter is 12. If anything, I guess I fixate on the chemistry between Harry Potter and Severus Snape... but seriously, he is a child.
Genre: Dark angst, adventure.
Any warnings about fic content: There's some child abuse and neglect. Also, Harry Potter goes a little crazy.

Where to contact you: PM me on LJ. Later, we can switch over to Gmail and G-Drive.

Any other important info the beta should know: I'm just giving the heads up, this story is intense. There are a lot of complicated, well-thought ideas going into it. I've written 70% of the story (30K), but it's far from polished... I'm looking for a beta who is a real hard-on about plot and character development, foreshadowing, and possible scenes to add. Vague advice doesn't work for me, at this point, I need really specific suggestions. Most of all, I'd appreciate someone who will listen to everything I want to do and help me bring that to life.

I don't need help with spelling or grammar, so if that is your strength then please ignore me. You should also know that my writing style itself is heavy on dialogue. "Show, don't tell"- that's the way I like it. I avoid lengthy, wordy, and retrospective writing. Please share these preferences.

Summary: The plot is based on the question: What are horcruxes and how aware are they? In my story, during second year, Potter's horcrux awakens and communicates with the diary horcrux. Meanwhile, Potter's own psyche slowly breaks down. That's basically... the short version of the short version.

This is an extensive project of mine, so please be open to the long-term. I'm hoping for someone professional, intense, and thought-provoking. PM me with your strengths/weaknesses, as well as 3 questions you want answered by me before we begin. Thank you all for reading this, peace.
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