snickering in the distance (williamsnickers) wrote in hp_beta,
snickering in the distance

offering to beta read for you!

Hi! Reposted and edited due to change of accounts and preferences.
Please read my portfolio before contacting me.

Name: Híril
Age: 20+
Ratings you're willing to beta: PG - NC-17
Pairings you're willing to beta: HPLM (Harrylu), Snarry, Drarry, some het, gen
Where to contact you: message me please
Any other important info the writer should know:

Please read my portfolio.

If you would like me to beta read (edit) your story, feel free to write and discuss it with me. Let's get to know each other to see if I can fulfill your requirements and vice versa. I won't take it personally if you change your mind, though please let me know of your decision. That being said, I look forward to hearing from you. :)
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