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offering to beta read for you!

Hi! I have to repost this due to my change of accounts.
Please read my detailed self-description under the cut before contacting me.

Name: Híril
Age: 21
Ratings you're willing to beta: PG - NC-17
Pairings you're willing to beta: HPLM (Harrylu), HPSS (Snarry), HPDM (Drarry), some het
Where to contact you: message me please
Any other important info the writer should know:

I have previous experience with various types of stories (mostly fanfiction) in regard to SPaG, character building (and inconsistency) and clarity or organisation check. I'm confident about dealing with vocabulary, syntax and tense continuity. Additionally, on the less technical side, I'm good with plot cohesiveness and flow, spotting inconsistencies, character development, story organisation, dialogue and symbolism. I have an eye for details and I rarely let through Mary Sues and Gary Stus. One thing that is important for you to know about my style is that I encourage minimalist writing, and will probably edit your work to reflect this to some degree.

I study languages and literature. Synonyms are my hobby, as are idioms.
I know the world of Harry Potter very well. I believe myself quite knowledgeable about: the Malfoys, Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (in that order). However, it doesn't mean that I will point out or correct your OOC character, not without taking in consideration the canon compliance level of your story.
I know a lot about body language too, especially in writing. I can go in detail for the parts where you describe your characters' movements, unless you specify that I should focus elsewhere. In addition, I have a tendency to edit the writing to show things, not tell.
I like to explore theories and work through (original) philosophy when beta reading. I welcome stories that feature them and I am available for discussion with the author.

I'm not very good with punctuation and I'm awful when it comes to all things related to math and science (including complex potions theories).

Additional info
I don't go for numbers: if I don't have the time for your story, I will let you know right away. Depending on the length of the story (and I will hardly accept anything longer than 20k words at the present time) I will need time that ranges between 3 days and 3 weeks to work on it, unless we set out for working long term.
I prefer to work with authors who have finished their stories or at least have an idea about where their stories are headed. I don't want to invest myself in a project that will either go on hiatus or end up abandoned.
I am professional and polite, but don't expect sugarcoating in my feedback. It's my job to point out the mistakes, plot holes and inconsistencies, and I don't have the time to deal with drama. That doesn't mean I will sink to rudeness and attempts to put you off writing. I need you to accept constructive criticism and be ready to explain/defend your writing where necessary.
I'm up for brainstorming and helping you in world-building, but please don't expect me to write your story. Character analyses and magical theories excite me, so if you have a story that explores these concepts I would love to work on it! I work using both gdocs and word docs, although I prefer gdocs.

Type of stories I prefer/won’t beta read
I do well with stories that involve: mystery, political machinations, major character death, philosophy, magical theories, BDSM (D/s) or time travel. I beta slash exclusively, although I can do with het or alt sexuality side pairings. I can work on stories that involve dark themes and squicks - one of my examples of work is a story about necrophilia. I may also accept a reasonable hurt/comfort, AU, drama or another type of story that features m/m romance.
I won't beta stories that involve: Mpreg, foursomes and moresomes, creature heritage, crack!fics, crossovers and pointless fluff.

If you think you might want me to beta your story feel free to write and discuss it with me, then make your decision. I won't take it personally if you change your mind. I look forward to hearing from you.
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